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Abigayle Mark
Submitted 2017-10-14 14:26:11 Each part of the house is going to add a small contribution to the overall look and feel of the place. This is why you have to be sure every room is going to be in tone with the others and they will play a role in the outcome. But how far should you take this? How far should you go when you want your home to be suitable for your taste and ideas?

The bedrooms are usually separated spaces and you will be able to decorate them in any way you like without any real impact on the look and feel of the rest of the house. The living room is usually connected with the kitchen and you will have to figure out a way to make these two blend in if you are planning a kitchen renovation in the future.

The living room is the part of the house where you invite people to stay and relax and it is usually done in a way that will suit your taste. This is the one that will set the tone for the rest of the house and you should consider this if you want to remodel kitchen. There are two options you have at hand for it and both must consider the living room.

There are times when the kitchen is separated from the living room by a door
, but they are still adjacent to one another. If you are planning a kitchen renovation, you have to be sure it is going to follow the same line as the one in the living room. No matter if you like modern or traditional solutions, you will have to use them in both rooms.

On the other hand, if you want to remodel kitchen and it is an open space directly connected to the living room, you have a much tougher job at hand. The furniture you will use in the kitchen and the colors you will turn to have to be the same as the ones in the living room. These have to be decorated separately
, but still as a single room of the house.

The connections you will create between the living room and the rest of the house are going to show off your taste as well as your creativity. This is why the kitchen renovation has to consider all the ideas you have read about here so you do not mess things up. If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, you can turn to the web for the answers.

There are quite a few sources you have at hand when it comes to ideas and inspiration when you remodel kitchen, but not all of them are the same. If you want to connect with other users that can help you in the process and guide you to the best choices, you should join the community at . They have all the answers you seek.
jhon peter
Submitted 2019-01-09 05:54:05 There is another 60 percent chance cold and heavy rain will merely swell the berries
by 5-10 percent, decreasing their concentration. This will cause the worse grape quality
that can only be sold for $2.00 per bottle. Now we can make an assumption and calculate
the total profit if Jaeger harvests later and the storm did strike. We can use the EMV
method to calculate the revenue.
Developed beneficial Botrytis mold: $8x1000x12x40%x70% = $26
Not from botrytis mold : $2x1000x12x60% = 14,400
The total revenue is: 26,880 + 14,400 = $41,280
On the other hand
, if the rainstorm did not strike, Jaeger could wait until the grapes
ripen more fully, which has only a 40% chance to make a good wine. The price for this is
$3.50 per bottle. However, there is a 40% chance of the grapes becoming a lighter wine,
which can be sold to the wholesale for $3.00 per bottle. The other 20% chance is that it
will lead to a low acidic wine
, which only can be sold for $2.50 per bottle. Now we can
assume and calculate for the total profit if Jaeger harvests later and the storm did not
Good wine: $3.5x1000x12x40% = $16,800
Lighter wine : $3.0x1000x12x40% = $14,400
Low acidic wine: $2.5x1000x12x20% = $6,000
The total revenue is: $16,800+$14
,400+$6,000 = $37,200
As a result, the revenue for not harvesting immediately is $41,280 x0.5 +
,200x0.5 = $39,240 The second possible option is to harvest the grapes before the storm comes. Even
though Jaeger can avoid a huge loss by doing this, he cannot sell those for a good price
because the grapes are not completely ready to be made into a high quality wine. It
contains risk. Therefore, the not-quite-ripe grapes will directly affect the quality. They
can be sold for $2.85 per bottle. At the same time, some of the grapes that did not meet
the quality standard can only be sold in bulk. Jaeger can only receive half of the
revenue($1.425). Now we can assume and calculate for the total profit when Jaeger
harvests immediately. When Jaeger harvests immediately
, the total revenue for bottling is:
Bottling: $2.85x1000x12 = $34,200 (this method will affect the company鈥檚 reputation)
Unbottling wine in bulk: $1.425x1000x12 = $17,100
In conclusion, Jaeger can contrast the above calculations to figure out the profit and
loss from each possible option. The results show the profit for not harvesting immediately
is greater than harvesting immediately. We calculate that there is 1- (17,100 $39
,240) =
44% loss if Jaeger chooses to harvest immediately. The EMV for the 鈥渘ot harvesting
immediately鈥?alternative exceeds the consequence associated with the 鈥渉arvesting
immediately鈥?(Bodily, S. E, 1998 p.64). On the other hand, Jaeger also needs to consider
the risks before he makes the decis.

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